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Pond Creek, OK 73766


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Nightly Specials


Wednesdays: Grilled/Crispy Shrimp

Thursdays: Chicken Fried Steak

Fridays: All you can Eat Catfish

Saturdays: Peel & Eat Shrimp

Fri. & Sat. Nights - Ribeye Steaks




Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Monday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm


Schedule Subject to change during
Winter Season





Click on image to view Menu.

Call to order 580-532-4444 or come and enjoy your favorites.


Can we start your meal with an APPETIZER?

deep fried . . . .

Pucker up for some Pickles $7.99

Get your Veggies with some Green Beans $7.99

Lip-lickin’, chewy-gooey Cheese Sticks $7.99

How ‘bout a helpin’ of Mushrooms $7.99

Try a truly southern serving Okra $7.99

Potato Wedges with Bacon & Cheese $7.99

Experience a tasty bowl of Mountain Oysters

don’t think about it -- just enjoy $8.99

Loaded Cheese Fries 8.99

Spicy Cheese Curds 8.99

Need a little roughage? Salads - $8.99

  *Chef    * Chicken - Crispy, Grilled, Blackened

A large bowl of mixed greens topped with sliced egg, bacon, cheese cucumbers, croûtons and tomatoes along with your favorite dressing on the side.

House, Ranch, French, Catalina, Italian, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island,
Bleu Cheese, Light Ranch


How does a SANDWICH sound?

(a sandwich doesn’t “sound” until you bite it)

Served with a choice of potato (baked potato after 4:00 pm)  fries, curly fries, tots

Substituting fried: onion rings, pickles, okra, or green beans, we’ll charge you an extra $.99

Want bacon? Add $ 1.29


Rib Sandwich Rib meat with BBQ sauce . . . . $6.99


Philly Cheesesteak Thin slices of steak topped with grilled onions, red bell peppers and Swiss cheese . . . . $7.99


Pond Creek Club Turkey, ham,roast beef, lettuce, tomato and bacon on toast ..$7.99


Grilled Chicken Fresh chicken breast seasoned and grilled... $7.99


Jacked up Grilled Chicken Fresh grilled chicken topped with grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, and toppings of your choice...$8.99


Firehouse Chicken $8.99

Grilled chicken,on a bun, topped with pepper jack cheese, breaded jalapeños and onions, bacon and covered in our firehouse ranch sauce served with fries!


Chicken Fried Steak Fresh, hand breaded when you order and toppings of your choice...$8.99


Fish Sandwich Cod filet served on a hogie with your favorite toppings and tarter sauce...$7.99


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Breaded Chicken Breast coated with Buffalo Sauce and Ranch or Bleu Cheese $7.99



Friday - Saturday Evenings ~ 5:30 p.m - Close

Greazy Steve's is offering 30 day aged Ribeye or Filet Steaks.

Cooked to your specs,
served with your choice of potato, green beans, Texas Toast and dinner salad.

Pricing will be based on market value
but usually runs between $ 30 & $ 40 per plate for an 8 oz. Filet or 16 oz. Ribeye.

Give one a try .... you won"t regret it.....



( or dinner depending upon the time of the day) ?

Served with choice of potato (baked after 4pm), dinner salad and Texas Toast

Substituting fried: onion rings, pickles, okra, or green beans, we'll charge you an extra $.99


Chicken Fried Steak $12.99

Fresh and hand-battered when ordered; deep-fried to a golden brown-comfort food at its best!!


Bull Thingies (mountain oysters, calf fries) -$13.99

Bull balls breaded and fried to a golden brown -Don’t think too long .... Just eat em!


Let’s go Catfishin’ $11.99

Customized as Southern-fried, grilled, or blackened--it’s ALL good!


Shrimp-Crispy $11.99

6 large, breaded and deep-fried!


Shrimp-Grilled $13.99

6 large, marinated and cooked on the flat-top!


Hamburger Steak $11.99

2/3 lb of fresh ground beef seasoned and grilled to your taste!

With cheese? Add $.99 to the bill


Chicken Fried Chicken $10.99

Fresh breast hand-battered when _ordered and deep--fried to a golden brown!


Grilled Chicken $9.99

Fresh breast seasoned and grilled to perfection!


Blackened Chicken $9.99

Fresh breast dipped in melted butter, coated with Cajun seasoning and grilled to perfection!


Chicken Strip Dinner $8.99 No salad $7.99

Strips of breast breaded and fried!


Steak Finger Dinner $8.99 No salad $7.99

Strips of hand-breaded chicken fried steak!


Salmon Steak $14.99

6 oz grilled or blackened salmon,

served with your choice of potato, dinner salad and Texas Toast!


Fish and Chips $11.99

3 large Cod Filets, deep fried and served with fries!

Baskets - Chicken Strips or Steak Fingers $6.99 No salad


Rainbow Trout $14.99

8oz. Butterfly filet, grilled or blackened, served with choice of potato, dinner salad and Texas toast!


Pork Chops 1-$8.99 2-$12.99

One or two grilled chops, served with choice of potato, dinner salad and Texas Toast.


Burgers !!!

Greazy Steve’s Cheeseburger 1/3 lb fresh ground beef with choice of cheese  (Swiss, Pepper Jack, American) and favorite toppings $7.99     No Cheese $7.59

Double meat/Double cheese add $2.69


Mushroom & Swiss Burger Burger piled high with grilled mushrooms and swiss cheese $7.99


Hickory Burger Cheese Burger topped with BBQ sauce and onion rings...$8.99


Pickle Patty Melt $8.99

1/3 lb patty on Texas Toast, topped with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, bacon and fried pickles, covered in our BBQ ranch sauce.  Served with fries!


Barnyard Burger $8.99

1/3 lb patty on a slicked of Texas Toast, topped with fried potatoes, shredded cheese and smothered with creamy white gravy!


Chicken Fried Cheeseburger $8.99

Fresh 1/3 lb. patty breaded in our Chicken Fried batter served on a bun with your choice of toppings


Boom Boom Burger $8.99

Cheeseburger with bacon, topped with Texas toothpicks and Boom Boom Sauce


Kids Meals !!!


*Hamburger* *Cheeseburger* * Mac-n-Cheese* * Grilled Cheese*

*Chicken Strips*   *Mini Corn Dogs*

Served with choice of potato $4.79

Sides - $2.09

* Seasoned Curly Fries * French Fries *Tator Tots  *Mashed Potatoes

*Baked Potato (after 4:00 pm) *Cottage Cheese  *Fried Okra


Sides $3.09

Onion Rings  *Fried Pickles *Side Salad *Fried Green Beans

*Fried Mushrooms


Parched? Need to Wet Your Whistle?


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, Root Beer,
Raspberry Tea, Iced Tea, $2.29

Hot Coffee or Tea $1.29

Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, Coors Light $2.50



Don't forget that Greazy Steve's will cater your meal, take reservations, has a meeting room available for your next gathering and will make your order to-go.

Give us a call: 580-532-44







*Grilled Cheese*

*Chicken Strips*

*Mini Corn Dogs*

Seasoned Waffle Fries

Onion Rings

French Fries   Fried Green Beens
Baked Potatoes (after 4:00 pm  Fried Mushrooms
Mashed Potatoes Fried Pickles
Fried Okra Side Salad